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520 Diamonds+30%

1060 Diamonds+30%

2180 Diamonds+30%

5600 Diamonds+30%

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  • Demonic Grin Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • MP5 Platinum Divinity Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • Evo Gun UMP Booyah Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • Chrono Time Turner

    "Increase movement speed during activation."

  • K Master of All

    "Special survival ability."

  • Alok Drop The Beat

    "Increases moving and sprinting speed."

  • Scar Megalodon Alpha Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • Jota Sustained Raids

    "Instantly restore HP and it cools down in 5 seconds."

  • Kelly Deadly Velocity

    "Dash, increase sprinting speed."

  • Skyler Riptide Rhythm

    "A special survival ability Riptide Rhythm"

  • Predatory Cobra mp40 Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • Wolfrahh Limelight

    "a smart kid"

  • Thiva Vital Vibes

    "His special ability increases the rescue"

  • Dimitri Healing Heartbeat

    "a world renowned sound technology engineer."

  • Green Flame Draco M1014 Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • Dasha Partying ON

    "a prankster and rebel."

  • Olivia Healing Touch

    "Chief nurse of a renowned hospital."

  • AK47 Blue Flame Draco Gun

    "Max Lv.7"

  • A124 Thrill of Battle

    "A124 is a robot made with modern technology."

  • NikitaFirearms Expert

    "Nikita works as a professional bodyguard."

  • Kapella Healing song

    "a popular pop singer and star."

  • Laura Sharp Shooter

    "an outstanding special agent."

  • Luqueta Hat Trick

    "an up and rising soccer star"

  • Ford Iron Will

    "Ford is trained at sea and extremely tough."

  • XayneXtreme Encounter

    "an extreme sports athlete."

  • Jai Raging Reload

    "a decorated SWAT commander."

  • Caroline Agility

    "A schoolgirl from an extremely wealthy family."

  • Andrew Wolf Pack

    ""the Fierce" is a man on a mission."

  • Maxim Gluttony

    "Maxim is a competitive eater."

  • Misha Afterburner

    "Misha is an extremely talented racer."

  • Steffie Graffiti's Blessing

    "Steffie is a pro graffiti artist."

  • Moco Hacker's Eye

    "Moco is an outstanding hacker."

  • Shani Gear Recycle

    "an enginner who works at junkyard."

  • Joseph Nutty Movement

    "Joseph is a well-known physicist, but he is also a player."

  • Miguel Crazy Slayer

    "The commander of a section in the special forces."

  • Paloma Arms-dealing

    "the reigning arms queen of the underworld."

  • Antonio Gangster's Spirit

    "an orphan who grew up to be a gangster."

  • Clu Tracing Steps

    "a modern day private detective."

  • Rafael Dead Silent

    "a deadly killer."